metlab corporation logo image analysis, microscopy, captiva software image analysis, microscopy, vision lite software image analysis, microscopy, vision pe software
image analysis, microscopy, vision lite software image analysis, microscopy, vision pe software
image analysis, microscopy, captiva software

Image Analysis and Microscopy software,  Captiva,  Vision Lite,  Vision PE

 Captiva  Vision Lite  Vision PE

clemex,captiva,image,analysis,microscopy When it comes to quality in quantitative microscopy software,  Captiva is the tool for you.  Captiva software allows users to capture multiple images automatically, to make non-destructive direct measures and annotations, and save or share images and results with colleagues.

Intelligent software dedicated to scientific imaging  Captiva fills a need in quantitative microscopy with its intelligent capture and measurement features.  Captiva is ready to use out of the box, and is an entry-level, upgradeable software, that is the gateway to a wide range of  image analysis products.

  Automated Image Capture with Cumulated Measurements   Multi-Layer Images
  Annotate and Measure   Mosaic with Multi-Layer
  Easy Image Exporting   Image Capture From Multi Source
  Image Quality is the Difference   Calibration Made Easy
  Automatic Image Exposure   Magnifying Glass Tool
  Mosaic Images   Adjustable Scale Line

Easy Image Exporting
Exporting to any image format is made easy; a simple drag-and-drop operation from the image window to MS Explorer does the trick. All annotations will be preserved in the transfer. Images can also be saved in all known formats with or without overlays. By saving an annotated file, the image itself is separated from the annotations on a different layer that can be turned on or off.  

Automatic Image Exposure
With our new Auto-Expose feature, no need ever to adjust the shutter speed slider or the illumination. Click on Auto Expose, and voila! Once done, all settings are automatically saved for each objective and you never have to worry about manually adjusting your lighting conditions. Whatever the original illumination, click on Auto-exposure button to automatically adjust for perfect illumination.

Image Capture From Multi Source

 Captiva can manage several cameras and devices connected to the same PC. All associated device parameters are easily controlled by the software and once your calibration and settings are adjusted the user can switch from one to the other within the  Captiva software.

Calibration Made Easy

Calibration, the process of assigning a size to a pixel, is an essential operation for any image analysis. The  NIST traceable micrometer helps users assign a different calibration setting for each objective. With a motorized stage, simply click on Calibration and follow the instructions when prompted. Without a motorized stage, stretch the caliper over the micrometer and enter the value in the dialog box. Itís easy and returns accurate, reproducible, and certified results that can be validated anytime.


Magnifying Glass Tool

The Magnifying Glass Tool highlights the area at the tip of the mouse to show accurate detail. It is integrated in the image window as a child window, constrained to move with the mouse. With this tool, measurements can be made with unparalleled precision.


Adjustable Scale Line
The Scale Line is either linked to the magnification or forced to a specific size by entering a value. It can be positioned anywhere in the image.
 Captiva  Vision Lite  Vision PE
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